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The first Active Release Techniques practice in Amsterdam, at the center of the Amsterdam Zuidas.

Gustav Physio is the go-to practice for quick and effective treatment of both chronic and acute muscle and joint complaints. Think of neck and shoulder pain, tingling hands, low back complaints, pelvic instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis and golf elbow.



In case of acute, chronic or long term muscle or joint complaints. Sports injuries, sprained ankle, painful shoulder, back pain, neck pain, stiff muscles, RSI, work & stress related complaints and headaches.


Preventive care is THE way to prevent injuries and to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Work, move, and train pain free through periodical check ups.


In order to perform optimally, your body needs to move freely and without restrictions. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or if you need to perform at work. Small soft tissue restrictions can stunt progress and make the difference between winning and losing.

Become better, faster, stronger!


A painfree workplace!

Gustav Physio offers a new and unique way to battle physical complaints in the workplace. Specific treatment to eliminate and prevent physical complaints instead of relaxing chairmassage. Gustav Physio is the only practice in the Netherlands that offers this unique treatment method in a corporate setting.

We can offer your company attractive tailor-made packages, to counter frequently occuring injuries and improve employees’ vitality, therewith tackling employee absenteeism.

A fit and healthy body helps you to perform better in life, business and the gym.


With the SU(stainable) PER(formance) Program we offer a new and exciting way to improve your performance the whole year round. Create sustainable and long term results.


This program has been designed for professionals who value their bodies and prioritize their health!




While regular physiotherapy aims on strengthening the injured bodypart through exercises, Gustav Physio focuses on optimizing mobility and flexibility first, by using advanced treatment techniques.

After all, power does not get you anywhere without mobility and flexibility. By optimizing mobility and flexibility, a foundation is made for free and painless movement.

At Gustav Physio we use Active Release Techniques.
Active Release Techniques is the gold standard for the management of soft tissue injuries. ART is all about pinpointing and treating the exact tissue that is causing the pain and restrictions. By combining specific tension with active patient movement, the relative motion between the different layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves is restored. This improves the function, mobility and flexibility and at the same time eliminates pain and stiffness.

How do injuries develop?

When we use our bodies, adhesions and restrictions form in the soft tissue 

These adhesions and restricions decrease tissue function, making surrounding areas work harder. Eventually, this leads to imbalance, pain, and injuries.

Restoring soft tissue function by locating and treating these adhesions and restrictions, lays the foundations for free and painless movement.


My name is Pieter Faasse and I am the owner of Gustav Physio.

Health care should be personal and lead to quick results. Since I started working with Active Release Techniques I am better able to help my clients get rid of their complaints within a shorter timeframe. Besides treating injuries, I also spent a lot of time preventing them. So even if you are not experiencing pain, my treatment will help you. By making periodical check-ups a priority, you will be able to move, work out, and live pain free for longer.




George Gershwinlaan 520 1082 MT, Amsterdam

Inside Gustav Gym

Phone number

+316- 139 55 291

Opening hours

Monday & Thursdays 12:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 – 18:00
Friday 08:00 – 16:00
Sunday 09:30 – 13:00




“Within one session my hamstring and back were feeling better, after months of pain. Pieter is a fantastic physio and a friendly, knowledgeable man. I highly recommend him!”

Lucy van Hilten

“I had terrible leg pain and my shoulders were very stressed when I first met Peiter but his knowledge about human body has really helped me overcome my challenges. Highly recommended if you are looking for a Physio..”

Sharad Kandoi

“First time I came to Pieter I had a knee injury. I couldn’t even run 20 meters anymore. After just one session he fixed the real problem. Another four sessions to loosen up the surrounding muscles later, I was able to run a few kilometres again. After rebuilding some muscle strength by my myself afterwards, I am now stronger and faster than I was before. 🙂 Currently he’s helping me with a (rock climbing) wrist injury. And again, I already gained significant strength back after my first session. I’d say he’s good at his job 🙂

Dirk-Jan Ansing

“When my back ached and it radiated to my leg, I was referred to Pieter my personal trainer. Pieter is a man of action and a specialist in his field. What makes him so good? He is not only a good listener but can relate this to the right approach and technique for the area to be treated. keep it up!
**Via mijn personal trainer kwam ik terecht bij Pieter toen ik erg last had van mijn rug met doorstraling naar mijn been. Pieter weet van aanpakken en is een specialist in zijn vak. Waarom hij goed is in zijn vak? Hij kan niet alleen goed luisteren maar kan dit relateren aan de juiste aanpak en techniek voor de te behandelen zone/lichaamsdeel. Ga zo door!”

Masoud Rez

“Pieter is a good and friendly guy, and helped me greatly with my knee. Awesome. Thanks, I recommend his treatment.
**Pieter is een aardige, goede gast en heeft mij goed geholpen met mijn knie. Top. Bedankt en aan te raden.”

Isabelle Dorhout

“After years of having a painful shoulder, which was why I couldn’t dance anymore, my shoulder was definitely less painful after just one treatment and after 4 treatments I am pain free. Pieter, you’re the best!
**Na jarenlang last te hebben gehad van mijn schouder waardoor ik niet meer kon dansen had ik na de eerste behandeling beduidend minder last al en na 4 behandelingen ben ik pijnvrij. Pieter, je bent een topper! ”

Jan de Bruijn

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