Are you looking for a physiotherapist who actually listens to you? Do you want quick and lasting results? You have come to the right place at Gustav Physio!

At Gustav Physio there is no rushing through an appointment. You, as the customer, are the focal point!

Your first appointment



During your first appointment we will inventorize your complaint(s), lifestyle and previous injuries to get a clear picture of how your complaint has started and how it is being upheld.

Examination and treatment often intertwine. Through combining specific movement analyses and muscle tests, and treatment at the same time, the source of the problem is quickly found and resolved effectively.

To strengthen weakened areas, your treatment may be followed by a training in the gym.

You will also receive exercises to take home with you!

Active Release Techniques


Gustav Physio uses Active Release Techniques (ART®).

ART® is a state-of-the-art treatment method, which, because of its specificity and effectiveness, is extremely successful at treating soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament and nerves).

ART® is eminently suitable for all forms of soft tissue and joint complaints. By combining manual tension with active movement, adhesions are found and resolved in order to increase mobility and strenght and decrease pain. Long term complaints as well as acute complaints are quickly and effectively solved using ART®.

No complaints, yet still physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy and ART® are the best way to prevent complaints/injuries/pain and to improve (sports)performance. Through periodical, preventive treatments, injuries are prevented and performance is improved.

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