SUPER Program

All benefits at a glance!

– Keeping your body fit, healthy and moving well

– Feel more energetic and free

– Perform better in life, business and the gym

– Year round pain and injury prevention program

– Movement  guide (coming summer of ’18)

– Reduced rates compared to regular treatment sessions

A fit and healthy body helps you to perform better in life, business and the gym.

With the SU(stainable) PER(formance) Program we offer a new and exciting way to improve your performance and create sustainable and long term results.

This program has been designed for professionals who value their bodies and prioritize their health!

If you….

are a hardworking professional and sit behind a desk all day

feel stiff and tight

want to move and feel better

want to prevent injuries and pain

want to take care of your body

Then this program is for you!! It is time to start giving back to your body.

What is the program about?

The Program is the perfect addition to a sustainable and healthy life.

Monthly checkups will help you move and feel better so you can perform better in the things that matter to you most!

We use state of the art techniques to solve soft tissue restrictions and we will provide you with a Movement guide so you can move freely everywhere!

Why choose this program?

Being and staying healthy takes constant effort. You use your body all year round, so maintaining it is also a year round job!

What does it cost?

We have 6x, 12x or 24x vouchers available. You can use these treatments whenever you want! Spread them out over the whole year, 6 months or even one month. The treatments are valid until 12 months after purchase.

Do you feel you need something else? Let us know and we will happily make you a personalized offer!

We like referrals!

Do you know someone who needs this?  Introduce them!

As a thank you, you will get a free DOUBLE UP for your next treatment!

Buy your voucher directly or send us a message if you have any other questions!

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