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Pieter Faasse, Physiotherapist Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam City Centre

First Active Release Techniques (ART) clinic in Amsterdam, In the middle of Zuidas business district and Amsterdam City Centre. Gustav Physio specializes in the effective management of both chronic and acute injuries in muscles, joints and nerves.

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The way we work

While regular physiotherapy aims on strengthening the injured bodypart through exercises, Gustav Physio focuses on optimizing mobility and flexibility first, by using advanced treatment techniques.

After all, power does not get you anywhere without mobility and flexibility. By optimizing mobility and flexibility, a foundation is made for free and painless movement.

At Gustav Physio we use Active Release Techniques.

Active Release Techniques is the gold standard for the management of soft tissue injuries. ART is all about pinpointing and treating the exact tissue that is causing the pain and restrictions.

By combining specific tension with active patient movement, the relative motion between the different layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves is restored. This improves the function, mobility and flexibility and at the same time eliminates pain and stiffness.

“Within one session my hamstring and back were feeling better, after months of pain. Pieter is a fantastic physio and a friendly, knowledgeable man. I highly recommend him!”

Lucy van Hilten

“Pieter is een aardige, goede gast en heeft mij goed geholpen met mijn knie. Top. Bedankt en aan te raden.”

Isabelle Dornhout

Pieter Faasse

Welcome to Gustav Physio. My name is Pieter Faasse and I work as a physiotherapist in Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam City Centre. Because I often deal with sportsinjuries and other physical traumas I started specializing in the quick and sustainable treatment of physical complaints. The way I do that is by using Active Release Techniques from the United States. With this technique I am able to shorten treatment time and create fast and lasting results.


Because power lies in combining expertise, Gustav Physio works closely with other top professionals specialized in training, nutrition, and health.

Painfree at work!

Gustav Physio offers a new and unique concept for a painfree workplace. No relaxing chair massage but specialized treatment to prevent and treat physical complaints. We are the only company in Holland who provides this kind of treatment in a corporate setting.

A periodical health check!

A fit and healthy body helps you to perform better in life, business and the gym.

With the SU(stainable) PER(formance) Program we offer a new and exciting way to improve your performance and create sustainable and long term results.