Gustav Physio Corporate

We offer package deals for companies to improve employees’ vitality, counteract common physical complaint, and decrease absenteeism.

A healthy company starts with healthy employees.
Healthy employees are more productive, more successful and happier.
Physical complaints in the workplace are a big and costly problem.

Stress and physical strain

After stress-related complaints, physical complaints are the biggest culprit for absenteeism (30 %). In the Netherlands alone, the annual costs associated with physical complaints are 1.12 billion Euro.

Besides the financial aspect of absenteeism, employees perform less due to physical complaints. Their productivity and efficiency decrease, making the annual costs even higher.

More and more companies choose to invest in employee health and vitality. By making the switch to a more preventive approach, companies can actively influence the health of their employees and counteract absenteeism at the same time.

The Corporate program

The corporate program is accessible and allows employees to be treated on-site. So no need to find outside help anymore. Gustav Physio’s treatment method is unique in the Netherlands and Gustav Physio is the only company in the Netherlands that provides this service in a corporate setting.

ART works better, faster and more effective in finding and solving the underlying causes of physical complaints, compared to other forms of therapy. This helps to solve the problem at its roots.

Reach out for more information!
Shoot us a message if you want a permanent reduction of physical complaints in your company. If ergonomic adjustments to the work spot, chair massages, stand up desks, swiss balls, ergonomic mouse etc. are not enough to reduce physical complaints in your company, it is time for a different approach…