Because power lies in combining expertise, Gustav Physio works closely with other top professionals specialized in training, nutrition, and health.

Gustav Gym

One of the most beautiful gyms in the Netherlands and the place where Gustav Physio is located. This High end gym has 2 locations; Zuidas and Centre. Here you can enjoy fitness, Groupclasses, their signature 12 week program and personal training.

Sports Nutrition and Diet

Timo de Jong

Nutrition, training and health are inextricably connected. Dieticians don’t generally have the practical knowledge with regards to training. Timo combines his knowledge and skills of (sports) nutrition and biomechanics to support his clients in achieving their goals

You can contact Timo for all questions you have about (sports) nutrition and diet.


Gijs Holthof

P-DTR® is a unique neurological therapy that targets the nervous system. Besides pain relieve, P-DTR® can also be used to increase human performance on every aspect of life. By combining P-DTR with physiotherapeutic treatment, complex problems can be solved more quickly.

Integral personal training

Iboya Triz

From her past as a professional dancer, Iboya developed and integral training method. Her way of working combines effective movement, nutrition and mindset. She also provides DNA testing to determine the best way to coach you.