Pieter Faasse

Owner & Physiotherapist

Over the last few years, I have developed my own vision on health, training, and treatment.

Healthcare should be personal and lead to quick results. Furthermore, periodical check-ups need to become a priority in order to stay healthy and move, train, and live pain-free.

So no year-long treatment plans, but quickly ridding you of your complaints. I believe that an accumulation of previous injuries and the current lifestyle contribute to (re)developing new injuries. Under the influence of stress, fatigue and (over)exertion, old or ‘dormant’ injuries that currently do not cause any complaints can resurface.

Besides treating injuries, I also spent a lot of time preventing them. So even if you are not experiencing pain, my treatment will help you.

Preventive care is THE way to prevent injuries and live a fit and healthy life.

I am part of an exclusive group of health professionals that work with Active Release Techniques in the Netherlands. This treatment method to quickly and effectively treat and solve problems in muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve tissue.

Since I started working with Active Release Techniques I am better able to help my clients get rid of their complaints within a shorter timeframe. My clients recover better, are pain free more quickly and they experience lasting results.

Aside from work, I love cooking (and eating!), photography and travelling.


Active Release Techniques Lower Extremities Level 2 (ART®), 2017, London
Active Release Techniques Spine Level 2 (ART®), 2017, Florence
Active Release Techniques Full body Certification (upper, lower, spine) Level 1 (ART®), 2016, ART Europe
Bovenste Extremiteit, 2014, Nederlandse Academie voor Orthopedische Geneeskunde (Cyriax®), Ede
BHS Fysiotherapie, 2012, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam